Fred is a proven fiscal and social conservative. He understands that government must provide basic services, such as police, fire, maintaining our roads and critical infrastructure, and allowing for educational opportunities for our children. In order to provide for the essential services government does, we need a strong fiscal foundation.
A strong fiscal foundation is a simple principle that holds we do not spend more than we have, and we don’t tax more than we need. Fred will work hard to keep taxes and spending as low as possible while maintaining our police, fire, and infrastructure.




Public Safety is a top priority for our community. Fred will continue to advocate for the appropriate resources, and deployment of those resources, to ensure Chugiak and Eagle River has the protection we expect. Chugiak-Eagle River is a huge district with both the Anchorage Fire Department and the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department serving our community. Fred will continue to protect our service areas and local control of our volunteer fire department, as well as ensure our first responders at Station 11, in Eagle River, are able to keep the resources they need to serve the community.

As the Anchorage Police Department shifts to a community policing model, Fred will work to ensure we have consistency of patrol officers in our community. It is essential that the officers that patrol our streets, respond to emergencies, and interact with our community have familiarity and connection with our neighbors, businesses, and community councils.


Fred is committed to ensuring the excellence of our schools. “My own three daughters attended Eagle River Elementary and Chugiak High School,” Dyson said. “The educations they received has served them well in life. I am proud of our public education.”

Fred is also proud of area alternative and private schools. He supports freedom in education, believing parents know their children best and should be free to choose among quality alternatives. As an assembly member, Fred will continue to champion excellent schools, parents’ rights, and choice.




We need smart development that is compatible with Chugiak-Eagle River. Our community has long protected a basic approach to building: we maximize private property rights, build safe homes and buildings, but utilize the private sector building process to cut through the government red tape.

Fred will continue to protect the land use area system that Chugiak-Eagle River has used for decades, which affords our residents the maximum amount of autonomy and protection of their private property.